What do the young students wear?

Young female students wear leotards and tights with hair back in a bun or pony tail and males wear black bike shorts or tights with white t-shirt.


Is there a Dress Code for the studio?

Yes, we ask all dancers to follow our dress code, which can be viewed here: Dress Code


What are your studios rules?

You can view our studio’s rules here.


How many to a class?

As a rule, we limit our classes to 16, however, there are exceptions according to the will of the individual teacher.


What is the difference between combination and single classes?

The Combination class combines 2 – 3 disciplines: Ballet and Tap (1st year) and Jazz is added the 2nd year. Only 1/2 hour is spent on each subject during the class time. However, the single classes provide a 45 minute or full hour of Ballet, and then the students come in on another day for 3/4 hour of Jazz and 1/2 hour of Tap. We recommend that the 5 year-old begin in the combination, and he/she can decide if they want to continue with combination until they are 8 (recreational), or move on to the single classes where the training is more intense.


Do you Compete?

Yes, but that is not the main focus of our training. Only a small percentage of our student population compete. The main focus of our school is good technical training and a stress free, family environment where students can learn.


What sort of success have your graduates achieved?

We are proud to claim that many students have gone on to successful careers as dancers, award winning choreographers, teachers and studio owners. Many have won scholarships to fine arts high schools and colleges. Some have also moved on to joining professional companies, broadway, cruise ships and company ownership.