Dance for All Ages


EDNA LEE DANCE STUDIO strongly believes that Ballet is the base of all dance and a very necessary part of basic training for the young dancer.  ELDS offers programs that satisfy the needs of the serious student as well as the recreational dancer – from tiny tots to senior citizens.

Children's Dance


Young children beginning at age 3 start with the “Introduction to Dance”  program where they are introduced to the studio, how to behave, the counting of music and basic kinetic movements with simple ballet.  We believe this 45 minute program prepares the tot for technique classes which begin when they are 5 years old and are ready for “Combination 1” and start to learn the basics of Ballet and Tap over the course of 1 hour.  This program is for the 5 – 8 year olds (beginner level).  When the child reaches age 6, he/she has the choice to continue in the Combination classes (Combination 2 – 4 – considered the “recreational” level classes) or can move into more “serious” level classes.



Beginning with Children’s Ballet 1 and up through the Advanced Professional level, ELDS provides high standard teaching in the field of Ballet.  Students are taught terminology behind each step and are trained to execute them with flawless technique.



Available to students who qualify between the ages of 11 & 13. Students must be trained to the intermediate level have the teacher’s approval before purchasing that 1st pair of pointe shoes.



Young students (6 – 8 year olds) study “Musical Theater” during first year before starting in the Jazz Basic Class (2nd year course).  From there they move into Jazz 3 and on up into the Advanced Level.  Students enjoy learning different styles of jazz.



Tap 1 through Advanced levels, this style is especially popular with adults and senior citizens. Broadway tap is prominent in younger student classes along with the more funky style for the older ones.



With a very strong ballet base, our Lyrical classes provide a more free style of dance, and an opportunity to show emotion as the dancer interprets the lyrics in the music. Students learn to feel the freedom in movement and also learn about choreography.



We offer beginner through intermediate Tap Class.  First time beginner adults and teens study in 8 week increments – upper level adults/teens study throughout the year.